Optimizing Animal Wellness Worldwide

Brytin Feed Formulas have been carefully formulated by PhD nutritionists with the goal of optimizing animal wellness through applied science and practical experience.

Why do we do what we do? Because we know how much your pet means to you.

At Brytin we are practicing a new model of pet nutrition using premium ingredients to support the health of your pet. We feel that investing more in the quality of ingredients in your animal’s diet will prove beneficial to your animal’s long term well being. Over the past decade, ‘functional ingredients’ have assumed an integral role in human health, and also an increasingly vital role in Brytin’s animal products.

Premium Ingredients

At Brytin our focus is on animal wellness. We use premium ingredients including flaxseed, rice bran, barley, papain, seaweed meal, and probiotics to support the long term health of your pet.

High-Grade Supplements

Brytin is working with a leading US Biotech company to offer advanced supplements like TheraBiotic 2X Probiotic, to support the immune and digestive health of your small monogastric animals.

Natural Cage Products

Brytin’s Natural Cage products help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your pet. Brytin Chinchilla Dust Bath and Brytin Corn Cob Bedding are 100% natural and made in the USA.

News and Events

Valley Vet Supply in North America

Brytin is proud to announce that Valley Vet Supply is now an online retailer for Brytin Products in North America.

Valley Vet Supply, a premier online retailer for over 30 years, helps livestock producers be more profitable, enables equine enthusiast to pursue their passion, and aids pet owners in maximizing the enjoyment of their pets.

To purchase Brytin products from valleyvet.com click here or call toll free (800)419-9524 to place your order.


Introducing in 2017

Brytin Rabbit 14 – Senior Wellness Timothy Formula
For mature non-breeding bucks and does over 8 months of age

Brytin  Rabbit 18 – Junior & Producer Timothy Formula
For young rabbits up to 8 months of age, pregnant and lactating does, and active breeding bucks

Brytin TheraBiotic 2X Probiotic
Microbial Support Supplement

Brytin Chinchilla Dust Bath
Ideal for Show Competition or Everyday Use

Brytin Pelleted Corn Cob Bedding
100% Natural, Environmentally Safe Renewable Bedding

Link 2 Link Asia Pacific in Singapore

Brytin is proud to announce that Link 2 Link Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will be distributing Brytin Products in Singapore.

Company name: Link 2 Link Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Scott Ang
Address: No 6 Clementi Loop #02-16, Singapore 129814
Ph +65 62622216
Email: sales@link2linkco.com
Website: www.link2linkco.com

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Worldwide Distribution Network

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